Frontier Psychoanalyst David Morgan Presents Colleagues of the British Psychoanalytic Society in discussion with guests from Academia

David Morgan, Keynote speaker at the 2016 Freud Conference has just forwarded a series of seminars which are extraordinarily compelling in their relevance to the conference….  we’d love to hear your thoughts…

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David Morgan  British Psychoanalytic Society
Colleagues of the British Psychoanalytic Society in discussion with guests from Academia
in conjunction with Resonance 104.4 FM and on the web and on replay on the station website.
a programme bringing complex thinking to contemporary socio-political concerns and dilemmas.
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Frontier Psychoanalyst 
David Morgan 
Episode 1.
The Impact of Power on the Mind of the Politician
By Phil Stokoe Psychoanalyst
Andrew Conio Director of Fine Arts Kent University.
Elizabeth Cotton Middlesex University, LSE.
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Episode 2.
By Phil Stokoe Psychoanalyst Bpas
Rachel Gibbons Psychoanalyst Bpas
Andrew Conio Director of Fine Arts Kent University.
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Episode 3
Climate Change
by Sally Weintrobe Psychoanalyst Bpas.
Monday 18th January at 9pm “Climate Change and the Culture of Uncare”
Ulrike Grassinger  Counterpoint
Andrew Conio  Director Fine Art
Rachel Gibbons Psychoanalyst Bpas.

Frontier Psychoanalyst

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Dr David Bell Psychoanalyst Bpas
Consultant Psychiatrist Tavistock Clinic. London.
Episode 4
 “Neo-Liberalism is Dangerous for your Mental health”
Dr David Bell Psychoanalyst Bpas
Consultant Psychiatrist Tavistock Clinic. London 
Rachel Gibbons Psychoanalyst
Andrew Conio Kent University
Phil Stokoe  Psychoanalyst
Fernanda Miucci Political Economist 
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Advance Notice for the 2016 conference

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Download the Advance Notice

Power and corruption in the individual and society – David Morgan
A demonstration of how a psychoanalytical understanding of destructiveness can contribute to the comprehension of fundamentalist politics, through an exploration of links between perversion in the individual and corruption in society. Clinical and research work with whistle-blowers, refugees and political theorists will be used as illustration.

Psychoanalysis and feminism – Ruth McCall
A discussion of the revolutionary beginnings of psychoanalysis, its changing understanding and depiction of the feminine, and to what extent it still remains a normative and anti-feminist stance.  Ruth will draw upon Freud, Winnicott, Klein and contemporary writers, and clinical vignettes.

Psychoanalysis and the excluded – Ruth McCall
An exploration of class, mental condition, race and intellect, and how far psychoanalysis has moved, or not, from Freud’s initial exclusions in anyone who struck him as
“low-minded & repellent… below a certain level of intelligence… or feebleness of mind”

Psychoanalysis and perversion – David Morgan
Corruption of the individual via the internet, work practices and market forces will be explored. David will demonstrate how pornography and other distractions lead to a disturbance of real relationships.

2015 Conference registration

The 2015 conference “Religion, Fanaticism and Trauma: Roots, Impact and Aftermath” is now open for registration.
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Domenico Di Ceglie Interview on Life Matters, Radio National, ABC

Natasha Mitchell’s  interview with Dr Domenico Di Ceglie yesterday:
A Stranger in my own body: Dr Domenico De Ceglie

Also on the program, Life Matters producer Angela Owens discusses with Madden his transgender journey through the teen years and early adulthood. Madden was born female but never saw himself as a girl:
Maddens Story

Also see the  Radio National Life Matter facebook page…

The Coming Out Diaries…

BBC recently screened the story of three teenagers and their coming out stories told in their own words. It follows the conflicts and dilemmas faced by three young people as they navigate their way through telling their family and friends that they are gay or transgender.

The British documentary Coming Out Diaries, was originally broadcast on the BBC last year, and screened locally on ABC2 in October.

If you managed to see a screening of it we would love to hear your thoughts…